1944 - Born, August 25th in Monesterio (Badajoz), in a family of farmers.

1950 - 57 - Studies at the Escuelas Graduadas for children in Monesterio. His vocation for drawing and sculpture awakes at that time and soon shifts towards painting.

1957-60- Early in 1957, he finds the person who will become his first teacher, Eduardo Acosta. In October the same year, he enters the School of Arts and Trades, where he passes four terms with the highest marks and is awarded the first prize. The town hall of Monesterio awards him a subsidy of 5000 PTAs. The following term, in the central headquarters, he gets the award for drawing "de los Antiguos". He studies at Artes y Oficios until 1960. This same year, he enters the School of fine arts Santa Isabel de Hungría. After obtaining the most important prizes in competitions in Seville and Badajoz, and being awarded a scholarship (Bartolomé Esteban Murillo) by the Deputación Sevillana in 1959, he takes part the in the Spring Exhibition with the work "Still Life with Dissected Dove". The Delegation of Badajoz grants him a scholarship to study painting.

1960 - 61- Studies the Preparatory Course in Santa Isabel de Hungría, and obtains the award for the best marks. As a student of the Delegation of Seville, he travels through Extramadura, painting landscapes which will latter appear in his first solo exhibition at the Ateneo Sevillano.

1961-65 - Moves to Madrid to the school of Fine Arts of San Fernando in 1961. During that first year, he receives the prize of "Portraits" and "Drawing" from the Real Academia. In 1965, he finishes his painting studies and participates in the show "Landscapes" of Alicante, (Muestra al aire libre en la Plaza Mayor).

1965-66 Studies "Wall Painting" with Manuel Villaseñor, and "Calcographic Engraving" with Luis Alegre, He begins his expressionist stage and, at the same time, attends the classes at Círculo de Bellas Artes.

1966-67- Receives a scholarship from the Ministry of Education and Sciences to study professorship and becomes assistant to the painters Pedro Mozos and to Germán Calvo in the classes of "Color and Composition" and " Pictorial Procedures" respectively. For the first time, he takes part in the national exhibition with his work "En la Noche" and two drawings.

1968 - He takes part in the National Exhibition with his works: " Seismic Movement" and "The Sanfermines" and other works. He obtains the third prize with the engraving "Sad Homage". His second solo exhibition is carried out in the Club Pueblo, this time with the expressionist or neo-figurative work of the latest years. José María Moreno Galván writes the catalogue

1969 - Goes to Paris (France) to study in the scholarship Castellblanch and meets the impressionists and the avant-garde of the latest decades, but he is inspired by Picasso's cubism and neoclassicism in creating his last expressionist stage and subjective geometric abstraction. He participates in the National Contests of Madrid with some of these works.

1970 - 71 Starts his realistic stage which he will continue to work. He participates in the show "Spanish Landscape in South America" sponsored by the Spanish institute of Ibero-American Culture.

1972 - Carries out his first realistic show at Loring Gallery of Madrid. Ramón Faraldo introduces it as a personal letter. He participates in the "Premio Blanco y Negro" G. Luca de Tena buys his work.

1973 - A second exhibition is carried out in the same gallery. The poet José Hierro introduces it. It has a strong repercussion among the critics. ABC writes about it in its "Articulo Grafico". José Ramón Aznar writes a foreword to the exhibition. Carlos Murciano writes one of the most beautiful poems in his book "Breviario". He participates in the group exhibition "Marko" in Madrid.

1974 - He receives the "Premio Luis de Morales" in Badajoz for his drawing " White Dreams". He participates in the group exhibition "Antología del realismo español actual" at the Avigñón Gallery in Madrid.

1975 - He participates in the "Gran Premio de Pintura," sponsored by Circulo de Bellas Artes, with the painting entitled "Space for a Dream". As it did not win any prize there was a great debate in art magazines and in the press of Madrid. He participates in the exhibition "Between Abstraction and Realism" in Avigñón Gallery of Madrid.

1976 - Some of his works are shown in the art fair "Artexpo" in Barcelona. He participates in "El dibujo en el arte" at Balboa-13 Gallery and in " Contemporary Spanish Realism" in Columela Gallery of Madrid.

1977 - He participates in the exhibition "Pequeñas obras de grandes maestros", "Materndad" and "El dibujo en el arte", Kandinsky Gallery, Madrid, and in·"Navidad", Crystal Palace, Madrid, and "El dibujo", Balboa-13 Gallery, Madrid.

1978 - "En torno al realismo", Art Gallery, Valencia and "Spanish Art Today", Cultural Niavaran Center, Teheran. This was headed by the portrait of Farah Diba, requested by the embassy of Iran and later sent to the contemporary Art Museum of Teheran.
"Realisme espagnole 78", Nabega Gallery, Geneva (Switzerland). He participates in the show " Spanish Realism" at Pushkin Museum in Moscow. "Les réfuses" Heller Gallery, Madrid. ""Small format", Gallery Biosca, Madrid.
Adriano del Valle, son of the well-known Andalusian poet, films for "Nodo" in the artist's studio.

1979 - He carries out his third solo exhibition in Biosca gallery of Madrid, which was introduced by A. Manuel Campoy. Amado Osorio makes a second film for "Nodo". A jury of painters and sculptors chooses him as the best artist of the year. He participates in the exhibition "El niño en el arte" in Círculo de Bellas Artes.

1980 - Solo exhibition in "Art 11'80", Basle (Switzerland). He participates in the exhibitions "El realismo y la Escuela Sevillana", Ateneo of Madrid, and "El intimismo en la pintura española. Siglos XIX y XX" in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid awards him the Medal for Merit. A first monographic work about the author is published with texts by José Hierro, Paco Nieva, and Miguel Fisac. J.L: Vallejo Nájera, J. Luis Descalzo Martín and Joaquín Castro Beraza. "Cadena Ser" chooses him as the "man of the year". Luis María Ansón introduces the book.

1981 - A retrospective exhibition is carried out in Valencia, Punto Gallery. In Cáceres, The Brocense. In Badajoz, Salones de Cultura, and in Monesterio. The architect Miguel Fisac introduces the monographic work in Badajoz. Manuel Pacheco writes the "Romance para nombrar la pintura de Eduardo Naranjo". Monesterio honors him as "freeman of the city.". He resumes his engraving work while participating in the book "The Spanish Constitution" together with Genovés, Pepe Caballero, Miró, etc. He participates in the exhibitions "The subjective reality", Abside Gallery, La Coruña, "Realism in Spain", Complutense University, and "Small format" Biosca Gallery, Madrid, The Association of the Press of Badajoz awards him a prize.

1982 - He paints the portrait of D. Antonio Hernandez Gil for the Congreso de Diputados, the painting "Short bird Flight" for Barajas Airport and the engraving dedicated to Gabriel y Galán entitled "Plethora" He participates in the exhibition "Contraparada-3" Murcia.

1983 - Among others, he makes the series of engravings "Creation" and the portrait of Javier Benjumea for the gallery of blast furnace presidents of Biscay.

1984 - He takes part in the preparation of the scene design for "The House of Bernarda Alba" by F. García Lorca together with Miguel Narros and J. Carlos Plaza. The Manhattan Chase Bank buys one of his latest paintings. Professor Vaz Romero delivers the conference "Eduardo Naranjo... that myth"

1985 - He participates in the following exhibitions: " Artists in Madrid in the Contemporary Art Museum", Sala del Conde Duque, "Figures and Imaginations" Juan Gray Gallery and Arco 85, with Victor Martin gallery.
The Japanese magazines "The magazine of the fine arts" and "Mizue Winter" published articles about him. He is appointed member of the Royal Academy of Arts and Literature of Extremadura.

1986 - He starts the engravings for the book "Poet in New York" by F. G. Lorca which he will finish in 1991. He participates in the exhibition "Multiplicity in art" at the Congress and Exhibitions Palace of Madrid. One of his works is bought.

1987 - He participates in the exhibitions "Cita con el Dibujo". Alfama gallery, Madrid. "Annual art fair of Stockholm" "Original Graphic Work" Victor Martín gallery, and shows, for the first time, the engravings for "Poet in New York" in the Feria del Libro of Madrid with Hispanica de Bibliofilia.

1988 - He takes part in the following exhibitions: "Realism and Imagination" Rodriguez Acosta Foundation, Granada. "Contemporary Print." Cultural Center Conde Duque, Madrid. "Graphic Work" with José Caballero, Gaudí Gallery. "New Trends" El Ensanche Gallery, Valencia and in "InterArte" with the Juan Gray Gallery.
The Modern Graphic Art Museum of Cairo buys two of his paintings.

1989 - He travels to Cuba invited by the Fondo Cubano de Bienes Culturales to participate in the III Biennial of the Third World and the III International Conference of Silk Screen printing. His solo exhibition is shown at Victor Manuel Gallery in Havana. He participates in the exhibition "Existence. 14 Masters of Realism" sponsored by Caja de San Fernando de Sevilla.
On August 26, Monesterio and Junta de Extremadura decides to name a street after him.
Xing Xiaosheng, professor, historian and art critic of Beijing (China) delivers lectures in the most important universities of his country and at El Prado Museum.

1990 - Participates in the exhibition "Promocion 65" in the Real Academia de Bellas Artes of San Fernando, Madrid.

1991 - He writes "Extremadura en la magia de la mirada" for the book "Extremadura verde, blanco y negro" He is in charge of the decoration, wardrobe, and advertisements for the play "Hazme de la noche un cuento" by Jorge Márquez, directed by Manuel Hill and performed in Teatro de Bellas Artes of Madrid.
With these projects, a show is carried out in the Palacio Moctezuma of Cáceres during the Theatre Festival. The White and Black magazine publishes his article "Velazquez and our ignored truth". He also delivers lectures at the Faculty of the fine arts.
He takes part in the "Homage Exhibition to Camilo José Cela" with a drawing dedicated to that writer; it is acquired by the Foundation of that author during the " International Biennial I of Engraving, Prieto Nespereira, Orense. "Masters on paper" Gaudí Gallery, Madrid.
He is one of the first in the exhibition "Realisms. Spanish Contemporary Art," sponsored by the newspaper Asahi Simbum of Japan, September - November. Takashimaya Museum of Tokyo, Osaka, Kioto and Yokohama.
"Estampa contemporánea actual" sponsored by the Real Academia de Bellas Artes, National Calcography at the town hall of Madrid at Conde Duque.
"Grafit Art", Barcelona. "Poems and Painting" with the poets and painters Octavio Paz, Antonio Tapies, Luis Gordillo, Jorge Guillén, José Martial, Alberti, José Miguel Ullán and José Hernandez. Alcolea Diez Gallery shows his engravings for "Poet in New York"
Fondarm - Masabeu buys, in auction, a small painting of 1976. Later on, in 1992, they will buy two important paintings.
He is awarded " The Gold Medal of Extremadura."

1992 - "Tokyo Art Expo", Tokyo International Trade Center of Harumi, Japan.
On May 9th, Antonio Zoido Naranjo delivers a lecture about the author in Expo 92, sponsored by the town hall of Monesterio.
During June and July, four of his paintings are shown in the Universal Exhibition of Seville.
Lerner&Lerner publishes a second monographic book written by Joaquín de la Puente. December 15th, he is elected member of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de Santa Isabel de Hungría, Seville.

1993 - Solo itinerating exhibition, Centro Cultural of Madrid. March 2nd - May 2nd, Culture and Patrimony Halls. May 14th - June 9th. Palacio of San Jorge, Cáceres. June 17th - July 6th. II Contemporary Art Show, Salon de los Espejos at the Theatre Carolina Coronado. May 22nd - 27th. Exhibition of the engravings for the book "Poet in New York"
Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving, Marbella, Málaga. Exhibition of his engravings, July 15th - September 25th.

1994 - He is awarded the " National Engraving Prize María de Salamanca. Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving, Marbella, Málaga.
Exhibition " National Engraving Prize 1994, Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving, Marbella, Málaga. February 8th March 13th,
Exhibition of engravings 1965 - 1994, Caja Jalón Gallery, Zaragoza. February 22nd - April 12th. "Realism" Cultural Center Conde Duque. Madrid. February - April.
Exhibition of the originals for "Poet in New York" and "Hazme de la noche un cuento." Art Center Julián Simón, Toledo, June.
"4 Artists of the Academy of Extremadura," Medical Association, Cáceres, April 9th - 17th.
" Art in the World of Bullfighting " Las Hornanzas, Casa de la Moneda, Seville. April 18th - May 1st.
" Lorenzana Collection ", Casa de la Cuerda, Burgos, April - June
"14 contemporary painters from Extremadura ", Spanish Red Cross, Merida. February 9th - 28th. Cultural Complex Santa María. March 1st - 15th; Badajoz, Sala de la Junta de Extremadura. - March 17th - April 13th. Cultural Institution "The Brocense" April 11th - 30th, Madrid. Exhibition Halls BBV June 15th - July 8th

1995 - III International Engraving Biennial of the Caixa of Ourense" December 14th 1994 - January 21st 1995.
"Eduardo Naranjo: una obra gráfica y un trabajo de taller" Ceberino Franco Gallery, Badajoz, December 18th 1995 - January 31st 1996

1996 - "Realisms" Ansorena Gallery. Madrid, December 14th - January 30th
" Commemorative exhibition of the Goya's CCL birthday" Real Alcazar of Seville.
"Gravats" Casa of Cultura of Altea, Alicante. August 22nd- September 12th
"Group exhibition of 19 contemporary artists" Franco Nisa, Badajoz. October 25th.
"Engravings of a Poet in New York", Ermita de San Pedro, Aracena, Huelva, October - November.
"Aurelio Biosca, Homage and memory" Alfama Gallery, Madrid, November.
"IV International Engraving Biennial " Caixa Ourense. November.
"Academy II: exhibition of the Real Academia de Extremadura de las Artes y Letras." Cloister of the Metropolitan Cathedral. Badajoz. December 20th - 30th.

1997 - "Poet in New York and a drawing of the time." University of Seville. March. 3rd - 22nd
"14 painters from Extremadura" Spanish Red Cross, Franco Christian Gallery, Badajoz, of June 10th - 18th.
He becomes a member of the Real Academia de las Letras y Artes of Extremadura.
"Poet in New York and a drawing of the time." UMA, Málaga, December
" Homage Exhibition to D. José Hernandez Díaz. " Fine Arts museum of Seville. . December 1997 - January 1998.
"Eduardo Naranjo in 1991 and the theatre: Hazme de la noche un cuento, de Jorge Márquez. " Franco Christian Gallery, Badajoz, December 19th 1997 - January 15th 1998

1998 - "Federico García Lorca: grabado en la memoria" Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo. Marbella, Málaga, July - September.
"Poet in New York drawings and engravings." (purchase) M.E.I.A.C of Badajoz. May.
"El arte al desnudo" Chicharreros Hall, Caja San Fernando, Seville. May 22nd - June28th.
He is elected academic of the Real Academia of Cordoba.

1999 - ARCO M.E.I.A.C Consejería de Cultura, Patrimonio de Extremadura.
"La flor y el paisaje" Leandro Navarro Gallery. Mardid.



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1989 - "Eduarno Naranjo, original engravings 1983-89" Victor Manuel Gallery, Fondo Cubano de Bienes Culturales. Havana, Cuba. November

1991 - "Eduardo Naranjo's works for Hazme de la noche un cuento". Palacio Moctezuma. Cáceres, Patronato del Festival de Cáceres y Consejería de Cultura de Mérida. June 17th.

1992 - Exposición Universal de Seville 92. June 16th - July. 17th

1993 - "Eduardo Naranjo. Retrospectiva. 1954 - 93" Centro Cultural de la Villa, Madrid. March 2nd -May 2nd.
"Eduardo Naranjo. Retrospectiva. 1954 - 93" Consejería de Cultura y Patrimonio, Badajoz, Palacio San Jorge, Cookers. May - June.
"Poet in New York" Jesús Puerto Gallery, Granada, June.
"Eduardo Naranjo, engravings" Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving. Marbella, Málaga. July 15th -September 15th

1994 - "Engravings 1965 - 94" Caja Rural de Jalón. Zaragoza, February 22nd -April 12th

1995 "Obra gráfica y un cuadro de taller" Ceberino Franco Gallery, Badajoz, December 18th 1995 - 31st January 1996.

1996 - "Poet in New York, by Federico Garcia Lorca." Ermita de San Pedro. Aracena, Huelva. October 26th -November 24th

1997 - "Poet in New York" CajaSur Córdoba. March 3rd -22nd.
"Eduardo Naranjo en 1991 y el teatro: Hazme de la noche un cuento, de Jorge Márquez". Christian Franco Gallery. Badajoz, December 19th 1997 -January 15th 1998.

1998 - "Poet in New York." M.E.I.A.C. Badajoz, May.

1999- "Eduardo Naranjo," 1993 - 99 "La Flor y el Paisaje" Leandro Navarro Gallery. Madrid.



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